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Exif records information when taking pictures, such as image information (factory, resolution, etc.), camera recording (ISO, white balance, saturation, sharpness, etc.), thumbnails (height, width, etc.), GPS (coordinates and altitude), among other things. It puts these at the head of the image file, in accordance with JPEG file standards.

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API Response:
code: 1,
results: {
format: "jpeg",
width: 1500,
height: 1000,
space: "srgb",
channels: 3,
depth: "uchar",
density: 300,
chromaSubsampling: "4:2:0",
isProgressive: false,
hasProfile: false,
hasAlpha: false,
orientation: 1,
exif: {ExposureTime: 0.0005, FNumber: 5, ExposureProgram: "Shutter priority", ISO: 400, ExifVersion: "2.2.1",…},
ifd0: {Make: "NIKON CORPORATION", Model: "NIKON D700", Orientation: "Horizontal (normal)", XResolution: 300,…},
ifd1: {Compression: 6, XResolution: 300, YResolution: 300, ResolutionUnit: "inches", ThumbnailOffset: 38984,…},
gps: {GPSVersionID: ""},
interop: {InteropIndex: "R98", InteropVersion: {0: 48, 1: 49, 2: 48, 3: 48}}