Free Image Proxy

Image Proxy can edit original images through cropping, rotating, zooming, and converting to other formats, etc. So far, it supports png, tiff, webp, jpeg, pdf, gif, svg, among other major formats. It also caches images through CDN.

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//No cropping, only use proxy:

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The following live examples demonstrate setting different options on this source image, which measures 1024 by 678 pixels.
Original image No cropping, only use proxy api/imageproxy/http://.../photo.jpeg
200x 200px wide, proportional height api/imageproxy/200x/http://.../photo.jpeg
x0.15 15% original height, proportional width api/imageproxy/x0.15/http://.../photo.jpeg
100x150 100 by 150 pixels, cropping as needed api/imageproxy/100x150/http://.../photo.jpeg
100x150,sc 100x150px, smart crop api/imageproxy/100x150,sc/http://.../photo.jpeg
100 100px square, cropping as needed api/imageproxy/100/http://.../photo.jpeg
150,fit scale to fit 150px square, no cropping api/imageproxy/150,fit/http://.../photo.jpeg
100,r90 100px square, rotated 90 degrees api/imageproxy/100,r90/http://.../photo.jpeg
200x,q60 200px wide, proportional height, 60% quality api/imageproxy/200x,q60/http://.../photo.jpeg
200x,png 200px wide, converted to PNG format api/imageproxy/200x,png/http://.../photo.jpeg
cx175,cw400,ch300,100x crop to 400x300px starting at (175,0), scale to 100px wide api/imageproxy/cx175,cw400,ch300,100x/photo.jpeg
You can use these features alone or in combination, like ‘png’, ‘q50’, ‘100x150,q50’, etc.