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Online barcode generator creates perfect barcodes for items, books, or packages, supporting Code 39,Code 128,UPC-A,UPC-E,EAN-8,EAN-13, among other types.

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Free API
API Request:
Request Parameters:
apiKey [Required] Your apiKey.
text [Required] Barcode text.
format [Required] Bar code format. Supports CODE128, CODE128A, CODE128B, CODE128C, EAN13, EAN8, UPC, CODE39, ITF14, ITF, MSI, MSI10, MSI11, MSI1010, MSI1110, pharmacode.
width [Optional] The width option is the width of a single bar. Default: 2
height [Optional] The height of the barcode. Default: 100
displayValue [Optional] Whether to display barcode text. Default: true
fontOptions [Optional] With fontOptions you can add bold or italic text to the barcode. Default: "". Optional :"bold","italic","bold italic".
font [Optional] Define the font used for the text in the generated barcode. This can be any default font or a font defined by a @font-face rule. Default: "monospace"
textAlign [Optional] Set the horizontal alignment of the text. Can be left / center / right. Default: "center"
textPosition [Optional] Set the vertical position of the text. Can be bottom / top. Default: "bottom"
textMargin [Optional] Set the space between the barcode and the text. Default: 2
fontSize [Optional] Set the size of the text. Default: 20
background [Optional] Set the background color of the barcode. Default: "#ffffff"
lineColor [Optional] Set the color of the bars and the text. Default: "#000000"
margin [Optional] Set the space margin around the barcode. Default: 10
type [Optional] Set the barcode output format. Default: "png"
    "apiKey": "test-apiKey",
    "text": "1234567890128",
    "format": "EAN13",
    "width": 2,
    "height": 100,
    "displayValue": true,
    "fontOptions": "",
    "font": "monospace",
    "textAlign": "center",
    "textPosition": "bottom",
    "textMargin": 2,
    "fontSize": 20,
    "background": "#ffffff",
    "lineColor": "#000000",
    "margin": 10,
    "type": "png"
API Response:
    "code": 1,
    "result": {
        "barcodeId": "6787a112-9b8a-4b06-afed-694b267d75a0",
        "text": "1234567890128",
        "format": "EAN13",
        "time": 1588842873108,
        "barcodeUrl": "",
        "barcodeBase64": "......"
API Request:
Request Parameters:
apiKey [Required] Your apiKey.
barcode_id [Required] QR code ID.
API Response:
    "code": 1,
    "results": {
        "barcodeId": "dc2ee95c-66f6-4632-85b3-2da20dfb1d7c",
        "text": "1234567890128",
        "format": "EAN13",
        "time": "1588842873108",
        "barcodeUrl": ""